At Lane Tech, we have a Band Program to fit your needs and level. We offer private lessons in most instruments and offer a very affordable Instrument Rental Program.
Beginning Band: This program is for the student with very little or no band experience. Students will learn how to play one of the many instruments available and learn how to read music. basic fundamentals are taught along with basic music theory. One minor and 1 major performance per year is part of this program
Intermediate (Concert Band): The natural progression from beginning band is to move onto Concert Band (same as Intermediate Band). Concert Band is developed for students with at least 1-2 years of band experience. basic auditions are required to make sure the student is ready to move on. Two major concerts, Contest, Solo Contest and uniforms are all a part of this ensemble.
Varsity Band: Our Varsity Band is the same as Marching Band. This program is geared for students with at least 1-2 years of band experience and an audition or recommendation is required. Varsity Band performs at all the home football games, most home basketball games and several various outside functions and events. A 2 week camp is also required to be a part of this ensemble.
Symphonic Band (Adv Honors): Our Advanced Band is called our Symphonic Band where all members receive full honors credit. This ensemble is for the more advanced and more serious students who take on a bit more challenging music which is often rated at a level 4 or 5. This ensemble is by audition only, 2 major concerts, City Contest & State Contest as well as Solo Contest are a part of this ensemble. Musicians are also pulled from this ensemble to perform in our schools musical each year.
Jazz Band: Our Jazz Band is an ensemble for the experienced musician and is by audition only. Many members of the jazz Band are also members of the Symphonic Band. In order for a woodwind or brass player to participate in Jazz Band, they also need to be in either Concert of Symphonic Band and use their extra elective to participate. Members of the rhythm section (percussion, piano, guitar, bass ) can audition directly with the Jazz Band Director Mr. Flygt and do not need to be a member of the other bands.
Services Offered
Private Lessons
The Lane Tech Band Program does offer private lessons in many instruments for a very discounted rate of $15.00 per lesson. Lane Tech Band nor do the Directors make any money for doing this as this is between the students, parents and the Instructor. We have simply arranged these lessons so they are convenient, can be taken during their band class or after school, don't need to travel anywhere to take a lesson and all of our instructors are educated accomplished musicians who normally charged much more then they do for Lane Tech students.
Instrument Rental Program
Students who do not have an instrument or want to rent a 2nd one so they can have one at school and one at home, may do so through the Lane Tech Band Program. The cost of our rental fee is $50.00 per year (9 months if the student does not return to band, 12 months if the student returns to band for another year). Students and parents sign a contract taking responsibility for the instrument. The instrument and student information is logged into our Inventory System until that instrument is eventually returned. General Maintenance is the responsibility of the Lane Tech Band Program.
While parents may also rent an instrument from an outside source, rental companies usually charge between $38.00 - $75.00 per month depending on the instrument.
Rehearsal Studios
Lane Tech is one of only a few schools that have practice studios for students to use at any time. We understand that often, practicing a loud instrument in an apartment or at home is not always possible. Since practicing their instrument is mandatory for each student, they are able to use our studios either during their lunch, or after school. This is also where those taking private lessons would take them.
Band Contract
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Beg Band Syllabus
Beginning Band Syllabus
Concert Band Syllabus
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